Instructions for use Brilliance SF

Characteristics of the application of the cream Brilliance SF

How to use Brilliance SF anti-wrinkle remover to restore youthful skin

Rejuvenating face and neck cream Brilliance SF is the most effective treatment for age-related skin changes. The unique composition is used to eliminate fine / deep wrinkles. The natural ingredients effectively tighten the oval of the face, improving skin tone. The unique drug has specific characteristics of use. To achieve the desired result, the product should only be used in accordance with the instructions.

Using Brilliance SF

The innovative Brilliance SF product is designed to eliminate and prevent wrinkles. Many buyers are interested in the question - how to use the product? The effective preparation is for external use only. It should be applied evenly on the face and neck. You should first clean your skin with a mild cleanser.

Pre-cleansing helps the active ingredients to penetrate the deep layers of the skin. After use, the process of cell regeneration begins, edema and inflammation disappear. Absorption of the product should be allowed after application. Do not apply makeup immediately or go out under the bright rays of the sun. Please note that the composition should be used in the morning and evening.


The innovative product, Brilliance SF, has the following applications:

  1. Dry skin of the face;
  2. The presence of wrinkles;
  3. Dull skin color;
  4. Enlarged pores;
  5. Loss of flexibility, etc.

We emphasize that Brilliance SF protects the skin from premature aging as well as UV rays. After regular use, the face evens out, the pores narrow, and even the most permanent wrinkles disappear.

Application time Result
7 days The active ingredients begin to act in the area of wrinkle accumulation. The bloating, the inflammation disappears.
14 days The patient notices the first developments. The feeling of dryness goes away, there is no sign of peeling. Smooth, radiant skin takes pleasure without signs of fatigue.
21 days The third stage is characterized by the maximum effect of plant ingredients. During the treatment, the elasticity of the face is restored. Stable result of using the product.
28 days The last stage of operation of all components. Regeneration of damaged tissues. The owner will be happy with the result. The oval of the face visibly tightens, eliminates pigmentation and wrinkles.

Wrinkles are known to develop for a variety of reasons. It is important to monitor your diet, to exclude harmful foods from your diet. They are also provoked by age-related changes in men and women. Please note that when preventing and treating wrinkles, you should apply the composition on the face and neck every day.


Brilliance SF unique product has no contraindications. We emphasize that it is extremely important that the composition is applied strictly according to the instructions. An effective product that fights against first / permanent wrinkles. Doctors recommend using the product when the first symptoms of age-related skin changes appear. You can order effective medicine cheaply in India.